What’s so cool about the ice bucket challenge?

I’m sure that all of us have heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by now. Since the campaign went viral in early August, Facebook and Twitter has been swamped with videos of people pouring ice over their heads after saying a short message pledging their support for research and treatment of combat ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Read more

Put your faith in Qatar

As our nation has experienced rapid growth in global significance and influence, our ambitions have matched, even outpaced that growth. There are few areas where this audacious ‘Why not?’ attitude is more evident than in sport. With increasing confidence Qatar has gone to the world and said ‘Put your faith in us, we can deliver Read more

5 Social Media Trends We’d Love To See In Qatar

1- Brands Tweeting Each Other Imagine you’re watching a movie and all the characters are always talking straight into the camera & never to each other. That’s pretty much how brands behave on social media, which is completely bizarre. It has historically been somewhat of a taboo for brands to talk to each other, and Read more

What would Qatar’s residents give up to access the internet?

  AGENCY 222 research findings show over three quarters of online users in Qatar now spend an average of 3 hours or more on the internet every day As part of Agency 222’s commitment to providing insight, knowledge and expertise, the integrated advertising and communications agency  has announced select results of ‘State of the Net’, Read more


You know, the space where we put straplines. Those three or four pithy words that we hope sum up our brand. Like ‘The world’s favourite airline’ for BA, for example. Or ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ for Audi. (Even if you don’t read German, the Technik bit is reassuring.) A snappy phrase that (hopefully) shows your superiority Read more

Who’s this guy? I thought we’d hired Steve Jobs?

It was announced this week that Chinese tech giant Lenovo has hired Ashton Kutcher as a Product Engineer to help them develop their new line of tablets. I can’t help thinking that they may have confused Ashton with his most recent on-screen role depicting Steve Jobs in the biographical film of the tech guru’s life. Read more

We’re hiring!

We’re looking for a “Bilingual Designer/ Finalizer” who is proficient in InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. 3-4 year of advertising experience is ideal. Someone that possesses an understanding of layout, type and colour is a must. If interested or would like to know more, drop an email with your resume to our HR department hr@agency222.com

This Statement is False.

Whilst growing up one of the pearls of wisdom that was repeatedly drummed into the younger version of myself was not to believe everything I read. Bear in mind that this was pre-internet (if you can imagine such a thing) and so the written world usually manifested itself in the form of books, magazines and Read more

Hemingway & Qatar’s Mupis

Ernest Hemingway’s “For Sale: baby shoes never worn”, usually quoted as the shortest story ever written, obviously isn’t about selling.   But it should be an inspiration for us in advertising to write compelling concise copy, devoid of filler sentences and the legal gibberish that goes unread. Now I’m not saying short copy is the Read more


Over the years, I’ve set briefs for students to work on. And I always said, ‘I want a really hard-hitting campaign about bullfighting.’   Their faces would light up; how could you not do a great campaign about such an emotive subject?   Then I’d add, ‘On behalf of bullfighting, why it’s a good thing.’ Read more

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